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Q: What human activities could can more water vapor to be in earths atmosphere?
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Why the quality of air in the earths atmosphere largely depends on human activities?

The quality of air depends upon humans. What humans do will reflect in the atmosphere.

Which human activities pollute the atmosphere?

Some human activities that pollute the atmosphere include burning fossil fuels for energy production and transportation, industrial processes releasing pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and deforestation leading to loss of carbon sinks. Agricultural practices such as livestock farming and the use of fertilizers also contribute to air pollution.

Most human activities take place in which layer of the atmosphere?

Most human activities take place in the layer of the atmosphere known as the troposphere. This is the lowest part of the atmosphere of the earth.

How can human activities alter the atmosphere?

Human activities can alter the atmosphere because of greenhouse gasses and aerosols. The greenhouse gasses that are released due to human activities include methane, nitrous oxide, halocarbons, and carbon dioxide.

How many human activities are warming Earth's atmosphere?


How do human activities contribute CFC's to the atmosphere?

humans use products containing CFCs which accumulate in the atmosphere.

Can atmosphere be pure?

no it can't be because of the polutin and many human activities.

There are four layers in the atmosphere Most human activities take place in the?

The Troposphere

What human activities release extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?

hair spray

Why is water cycle necessary for humans and atmosphere?

Water cycles increases the moisture content in atmosphere. It provides water for human activities.

How human activities destroy the earth?

It destoyes the atmosphere and creates pollution by driving the cars to much.

In 2005 the united nations suggested human activities are degrading or overusing what percentage of the earths natural resources?