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Coming in thick and fast - Something that happens rapidly and in large numbers.

Fast and furious - Very rapidly with extreme energy.

Getting nowhere fast - To make no progress in what you are trying to accomplish.

Hard and fast - invariable, fixed

Life in the fast lane - Living a rather risky or active life.

Lightning fast - incredibly fast

Make a fast buck - To make lots of money quickly without much effort, often in a dishonest way.

Moving too fast - Means that someone is trying to rush a relationship or trying to get others to do things they are not ready to do at the present time.

Not so fast - A way to tell someone to wait for further instructions or to stop doing something.

On a fast track - A quick way of achieving something. Often, the word "to" follows.

Pull a fast one - to deceive someone successfully.

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Q: What idioms contain the word 'fast'?
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