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1. age of the child 2. type of ball thrown (hardball, tennis ball, etc) 3. distance range that the ball was thrown 4. age of chid that threw the ball 5. location upon the head the ball hit 6. symptoms of the child after being hit by the ball

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Q: What if Child is hit in head with ball?
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Is it bad when you get hit in the head by a pool ball?

I got hit by a pool ball in the head so I wanted to noe if it's bad to get hit in the head by a pool ball YES I got hit in the head with a snow shovel and a basket ball and they both hurt and i got a concussion

What does it mean to get beaned?

If you're referring to getting hit by a pitch, it's beaned.

What part of the mallet do you hit the ball with?

The head

Was goku from Dragon Ball Z ever bad?

he was supposedly a bad child until he fell and hit his head and forgot his mission of destroyin earth

What president was hit in the head by a golf ball?

my mom

Why do ping pong players hit the ball with there heads?

It's illegal to hit it with your head. It probably just looks like they hit it with there head.

What is the average for a child to hit a golf ball?

explain better

How do you write repercussion in a sentence?

The boy was hit on the head from the repercussion of the ball after it hit the wall.

Where is the right place to hit a head bump in soccer?

you use your forehead to hit the ball pulling yourself through the ball with your body

What is two ways to score in soccer?

Kick the ball into the net or hit the ball with your head into the net.

What is the penalty in dodge ball if you get hit in the head with a ball?

theres no penalty, you just look stupid

What does underhand and overhand mean in volleyball?

Underhand is where your hit the ball by reaching forward underneath it. Overhand is where you hit the ball above your head. Which one you use would have to depend on where you are relative to the ball. If it is above your head, you will have to use overhand (maybe you will have to jump), while if the ball is going to hit the ground in front of you, you will have to use the underhand hit (and you may have to dive for it).