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When did you detect the lh surge? It's possible that you haven't ovulated yet if it's just been a day or two. Also, are you taking your temperature first thing when you wake up, before you get out of bed?

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Q: What if I detected an lh surge but your bbt has not increased?
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Will your lh surge be detected if you were pregnant?

No your LH surge wont be detected. Yes, actually there is a website that has pictures of none other than pee sticks...and many of them dictate that they picked up an LH surge on opks when infact they were pregnant. Another website that you could try would be Hope this helps!!

Can you ovulate before you get the LH surge?

The LH surge triggers the release of the egg. So, technically you cannot ovulate before you get the LH surge, but if you are testing with ovulation kits that measure the LH surge you can ovulate before you notice the LH surge. In order to detect ovulation, it is best to use a ovulation monitor that detects LH and estrogen levels because it is when the estrogen levels reach a certain threshold value that the LH surge occurs.

Can you not have a lh surge but have an estrogen surge?


Do you have Lh surge if your pregnant?

No, the LH surge shows your ovulation (the release of the ripe egg) is due.

What does it mean if you have detected a LH surge on a home ovulation kit but your Basal Body Temperature does not change to show a progesterone increase?

if LH is up you are ovulating and progesterone should lower down.

Does ovulation occur during the LH surge or after?

After the LH surge. There is a slight delay as systems respond to the changes in hormone levels.

You am having a LH surge 2 days before your due period is this a pregnancy sign?

An LH surge indicates that you have ovulated.

Can you lh surge and ovulate the same day? ovulate anywhere from 12-36 hours after your LH surge so if you get a positive LH surge in the morning you could still ovulate that night...Ovulation will typically occur in the next 36 hours.. ovulate anywhere from 12-36 hours after your LH surge so if you get a positive LH surge in the morning you could still ovulate that night...Ovulation will typically occur in the next 36 hours..

Hormone responsible for ovulation?

LH surge.

You had intercoures the day of your LH surge is that means that can you conceive a baby boy?

if you have intercourse on the day of lh surge,you might end up conceiving a baby girl.if you want to conceive a baby baby you should have sex on the day of ovulation and not day of lh surge

How long after LH surge will you get your period?

Your period will come 14 to 17 days after your LH surge. You usually ovulate 12-48 hours after your surge, and have hour period approximately 14 days after ovulation.

What happens when the level of LH is high?

When your body has an LH surge, you are ovulating and may become pregnant.

With which event is the lh surge most associated?


When does the ova mature?

Human oocytes mature immediately after the surge of LH which occurs at ovulation. The surge of LH causes maturation of the oocyte which is the completion of the first division of meiosis.

Can you get pregnant with an lh surge?

Yes, the LH surge shown in ovulation tests shows your ovulation will take place 24-36 hours after. As sperm can survive inside a woman's womb for 2-3 days, the time frame after your LH surge has the highest chance of becoming pregnant.

If you LH surge does that mean you are definitely ovulating?

No, you can have the LH surge occur but not actually ovulate. The LH surge shows the body is gearing up to release an egg, but it doesn't show that it has (or will) actually happen. For example some women after a miscarriage may have a cycle or two before they ovulate again, but during that time may still see an LH surge on an ovulation predictor kit. As well women with PCOS may see a "surge" for several days even when they are anovulatory.

Is LH produced in contraceptive pills?

The morning after pill disrupts the LH surge. That's part of how it works. The morning after pill does not contain LH.

A sudden surge in lh concentration causes?

a surge of testosterone in males and it causes ovulation in females.

How long after lh surge will you ovulate?

24-36 hours after.

Ovulation occurs due to a surge in?

LH - leuteinizing hormone

Will home ovulation tests always predict the LH surge?

A:Yes, they should. It is all about timing, though. Make sure you test around ovulation time otherwise you may miss it. Sometimes it is important to test twice a day in cases where not surge is detected.

How long does an lh surge last?

The LH surge which happens prior to ovulation can last from a few hours to a few days. My Lh surge was 4 days long is that normal??I looked into it and a few people said they had it and turned out they got pregnant with that true??Id love to have twins but i dont want to get my hopes up...

What hormone surge directly triggers ovulation?

luteinizing hormone (LH)

Will you be able to detect LH surge if you are breast feeding?

No, only prolactin.

The surge in LH secretion from the anterior pituitary that causes ovulation can be partially explained by the?

positive feedback of estradiol that increases the release of LH