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Than you will have a small dick. Try extenze. Or pump lol

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Q: What if Viagra does not work?
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Does Viagra or cialis work?

You Betcha!!!!

Does Viagra work after drinking?


Can Viagra simply be used to make an existing erection harder?

Doesn't work that way. All Viagra does is allow you to have an erection. You get the same amount of firmness that you would if you didn't need the Viagra.

What about Viagra is it safe does it work?

Viagra is a pill that temporarily allows the male to gain an erection, yes it is safe, the only problem is the person under viagra cannot control when this effect ends.

Can you take cialis right after Viagra?

Why wouldn't you give the Viagra a chance to work? Why would you need both? Sounds like you plan on a trip to the ER....

Marijuana and Viagra will it work to get erection?

This is a very dangerous combination. Marijuana is a relaxant and Viagra is a stimulant. Smoking marijuana will cause the erection problems, so if you want to take Viagra, you should quit smoking pot altogether.

What can work like Viagra without having to use Viagra?

Viagra works buy using sildenafil citrate, You may use natural alternatives which does'nt contain sildenafil citrate, these would be known as Herbal sex aids or pills, they really do work the same as viagra and they dont come with the side effects which is a good thing, If your based in the UK try They only sell products that actually work they are really good

Is there a pill or drop that can arouse women like Viagra?

No, not to date. Viagra does not 'arouse' males. It helps with blood flow, it is not an aphrodisiac nor are there pills and potions that work.

Can you take Sudafed and Viagra?

Yes you can but they tend to work against one another.

What can you use instead of Viagra?

Levitra and Cialis work the same way as Viagra, blocking the same enzyme. Though it's unlikely any one works better than Viagra overall, slight chemical differences mean that if one brand doesn't work for a patient, another one might.

What is Viagra in Hindi?


Do you need to increase the dose if Viagra does not work like it used to work?

Ansolutely not, not without consulting your doctor first.

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