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It depends, if she lets you do it then your OK, but if you just touch it, your probably going to get a palm to the face.

Why don't you try instead of wasting time.

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shell touch your penis

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Q: What if a boy touches a sleeping girls butt?
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If a boy touches your butt does that mean he likes you?

No But They Just Do That To Get A Girls Answer or Something Like That.

What is it called when a boy touches a girls butt when they are making out?

ass grabbing xD? sexual harrassment..:P

What does it mean if a young boy touches a young girls butt?

It means he has yet to learn some good manners and is in danger of receiving some form of punishment sooner or later

What does it mean if a boy stare at your butt?

Girls butt right? It means they like what they see! :)

What does a girls butt look like?

Like a boy's butt. They all look the same, but yes, they can be different sizes.

If one boy tells another boy to look at your butt and that boy licks his lips what does that mean?

He is either being funny, or he likes your butt. If he was being funny you should laugh, if he likes your butt, well, be glad, if a guy likes your butt that means girls will DEFINATELY like it!

How do you know if your mice are boys or girls?

well it has either a lump near its butt (boy) or not (girl)

If a boy stares at a girls butt and then smile at her and look again does he like her?

IN most cases it just means that he wants to put it in your butt meaning he wants to have sex with you

Is it called sex when a boy touches the girls vagina with his penis but does not go in the vagina?

No. Body fluids have to be exchanged to be called sex.

Is it okay for a 13 year old boy to sleep over at a girls house?

As long as they are not sleeping together.

Why is a girls heartbeat faster than a boys?

it depends on whether the girl or the boy is sleeping or moving around

What is a mongoose if a boy says it?

A MonGoose Is When A Boy Puts His Penis In a Girls Butt An Goes Fast. for the term.( Go Harder). or ( go hard or go home)