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There are many potential explanations. Here are some.

The parents have not applied for a green card, as they do not plan to stay fire a substantial amount of time.

Perhaps the child is simply not old enough. To apply for permanent residence, one must have resided in the US for at least seven years.

It is possible, although improbable, that your parents have indeed applied, and you meet all the prerequisites for application, yet you are still undergoing the process of name checks. After 9/11, American security has drastically augmented its activities, and in this case you or your parents may have to contact your local congress(wo)men. (Not joking)

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Can the state make you pay back child support after the child is grown?

Absolutely. If they did not it would be common for noncustodial parents to slack off and not pay at all. It is not fair to the child.

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The parents have to have part of each other connect to make a child but asexual is when the parents are made together so they have a kid when they are grown.

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Yes, parents are responsible for the outcome of their children. However, many parents can give love and guidance to their child and that child when grown can go completely in the opposite direction and perhaps get into trouble. Once children reach their teens it is difficult for parents to keep and eye on them 24/7, but if they bring their child up by getting their sons and daughters into sports; dance, music, etc., that child has a better chance in life.

Abusive husband seeks to communicate with grown up child?

The child is grown, and knows what the husband is like. Trust your child to do the right thing.

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Can child support be ordered if the child is age eighteen for back child support?

No - if the child is grown up you cannot get child support.

Can a parent disown a grown child without the child being notified?

No, they have to be told.

If a grown child has guardianship over an elderly parent and that grown child files personal and or business bankrupcty will any of the elderly parent's funds be used to cover the grown child's debts?

no but you can give money to them

Do you have to pay back child support if your child is grown?

age of child does not matter when comes to back support

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It would take you 2 seasons. Also, your child will always look like the same throughout, but would be considered as a grown child.

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oranges can be grown in green houses in Alberta in the summer. there are no orange trees in Alberta