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that might be a wisdom tooth or a 4th molar


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Yes indeed. It is the third molar (wisdom tooth)

A wisdom tooth is one of the three molars. A molar is defined as a tooth with four cusps or points, and the wisdom tooth is simply the last molar to erupt and farthest back in the jaw.

The third adult molar is also called wisdom tooth.

A back tooth is another name for a molar tooth.

You will need to get a tooth implanted to replace the molar.

If it is an adult molar (not a baby tooth), no - once it's gone, it is gone forever.

The front molar teeth fall out but the very back ones keep growing and if you loose the very back ones then you will never get them back. You will need False Teeth.

In cases where it is decayed beyond scope of saving then in teenagers who have 3rd molar still erupting this kind of method is employed.

shark tooth syndrome is when you are growing a second row of teeth behind your already grown in ones. like a shark.

a molar is for grinding a solid food from demee isherwood

Well....when i was 16 i had to go to the dentist and have my adult tooth pulled because another adult tooth was growing behind it. it was the exact same tooth and the dentist said that it was something he never had seen. and YES it was an adult because it was very painful to have it pulled, he had to use some really big pliers and the roots were huge! true story. honestly.

When a molar is chipped it will need to be repaired by a dentist. If the tooth is not repaired the tooth can become further damaged or possibly infected.

I'd follow the advice of the dentist, since the wisdom tooth can move forward after the second molar is removed.

the whole tooth will die and fall out eventually

The dentin is not a tooth! Aunt Laura

Normally a wisdom tooth is a third molar.

$400 to $700 for a front tooth and $600 to $900 for a molar-or-$650 to $990 for a front tooth and $850 to $1700 for molar

well it is the wisdom tooth but some people call it the 2nd molar tooth. And hope that answers your question.

Cause it is growing wrong , There you go parent

Yes, you lose your second molar. The permanent tooth will grow in as usual.

A canine is a stabbing tooth, an incisor is a cutting tooth, and a molar is a chewing tooth.

No, a lower molar tooth extraction cannot affect the maxillary sinus as that is above your top teeth.

Bicuspid A molar or premolar.

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