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the extreme fluctuation between the comprehensive maneuvers would result in global destruction

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Q: What if earth didn't have any air How would it be different?
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How would earth be different if we didnt have air?

There would be no life on Earth

What is Earth's air like?

Earth's air is a gas that is made up of different types of elements.

What would earth be like with no rotation?

i think earth with no rotation would be like the world with no air cause earth i surrounded by air so that is how i would see the earth wit no rotation

What qualities of earth are different from the other planets?

earth has air , water and life.

What is an importance of air?

without air we would not be here on earth.

Why do you put gas like air into car tires?

because if you didnt they would be flat......... obviously

Why are thedifferent gases in air important to life on earth?

Without different gases there will be no air, if there is air, how can oxygen travel?

What would happen to the earth with no air?

we all would die

If earth did not rotate how would air at the equator move?

The air moves in a circular motion making a swirl around the equator. by: Unknown assasin

How does gravity affect the earth?

If the Earth didn't have gravity, we would be floating in the air and nothing would be in its place.

If air would be a better heat conductor would the earth be colder or warmer during the night and why?

If air was to retain the heat from the sun during saylight hours then the earth would stay warmer for longer, however air is constantly moving so we get air from different parts of the world. so if it is cold near to the UK while they have sunlight and we have night time then we are more likely to be cold so even if air was a better heat conductor we would not be warmer during the night.

How water helps the environment?

Water helps the environment by giving it A natural resource to provide on. And if the earth didn't have air there would be no oxygen and god would had have to make us different.