What if he likes someone else?

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If a boy you like likes someone else then tell him you like him, he may change his mind.

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Q: What if he likes someone else?
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How do you tell a boy the truth that he really likes me or like someone else?

Leave him alone and back off. He likes someone else.

How do you know when a guy likes you but he also likes someone else?

When he has a penis.

How does a shy guy find out if a girl he likes likes him?

Have someone else do it for you.

What do you do if someone you hate likes you?

tell them to get over you and date someone else.

What is it when someone likes to inflict pain on someone else?

This is known as sadism.

How can you tell if your girlfriend likes someone else?

Ask her.

What happens if a girl likes someone else and not you?

Move on

Why do people get jealous?

Jealousy comes from fear. and usally when someone might have something that someone else has or when someone is dating someone someone else likes

What do you do if your friend likes the same guy you like and he likes her to?

find someone else to like

If someone likes you would they be ok with you going out with someone else?

depends on the person

How do you get a 4th grade girl to like you but she likes someone else?

your to little sorry ;) I say be nice to her. If she already likes someone else it may be smart to just be friends with her.

There is a boy who I like a lot He always flirts with me and teases me but he says he likes someone else Are there any signs I can look for to see if he likes me?

Don't waste your time hun, it seems like he's only messing you about. If he likes someone else, then he likes someone else. Surely you can do better than him anyway :) Good luck

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