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If the job application form you are filling allow you to express it in some text characters then write it as Negotiable or Entry Level and if you cannot enter the text then give a particular range.

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2016-08-22 11:58:34
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Q: What if it asks for salary info on a job application?
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What to put for salary on a job application?


What does it mean when a job asks you salary expected?

When a job asks what salary is expected, this means the annual amount of payment in which the employee would expect to see for their job performance. Salary can also include vacation days, personal days, and other perks.

If you have no current salary what should you write for your desired salary on a job application?

Write in the salary you want to make in your job application. OK. That did not help. What kind of job are you after and for what purpose? If you want permanent employment in a field, put down what others in the field are getting as a starting salary. If you are good, put down a little more. When the interviewer asks why you put in that amount, you can say, "I am better and will do a better job." If he says, "I can get someone for less." You can reply, "You will get someone who will leave as soon as he finds what jobs in this field actually pay."

What to put on a job application for salary desired?

Minimum wage

How should you fill in Expected Salary on a job application?


When a job application asks your language abilities what is the best way to answer?


If you have not been indicted on a felony charge must you put it on a job application?

If the application asks if you were ever CHARGED, no, you do not. HOWEVER - if the application asks if you were ever ARRESTED, if you were arrested for the alleged offense, you must answer yes.

If asked what your present salary and expected salary is what do you say?

You do not have to include you present salary on a jobaplication or in a job interview. When asked this question, I would counter with "what is you starting salary for this job?" or on the application put negotiable. -HopeTurner

If a job application asks you for your you have the option of waiting to share this information.?

Social Security number

If a job application asks you for your you have the option of waiting to share this information?

Social Security number

Where is one place you might have to compress information?

On a job application that asks for a work summary

Summary in job application why should get job?

On a job application, people can list the skills they possess in the area that asks why they should get the job. People should also list past experiences that may them qualified for the position.

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