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If the wear on it is that significant, it reduces the coin's value to less than a dollar. However, if the date is still visible and it's a rare date, it could still have some additional value.

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Q: What if the backs worn off of an indian penny?
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What is an undated wheat penny worth?

If it's in a condition such that the date is worn off, then it's only worth about 2 cents.

How can you clean corrosion off a copper Indian penny?

ok first get a permanent sharpie and cover the whole penny Then light the penny on fire to about 66 degrees C you will see the coin start to regain its features

My Indian head Buffalo nickel does not have a date how do I know how much it is worth?

If the date is worn off, it's worth about 10 cents.

Why do some 1901 Indian head penny have lettering on the headdress?

They all had lettering when they were made, but years of circulation wore off some of the detail.

If you scratch a penny with an steel file, will the copper of the penny rub off on the file, or the steel (iron) of the file rub off on the penny?

The copper of the penny will rub off the file

What is the value of a US nickel with a buffalo on front and and Indian on the back - no date?

Likely the date has worn off, but it's still 5 cents.

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How could you determine when a particular penny was minted if the year on the penny was eroded?

If the date is worn, other clues could narrow it down. First check the design of the coin. That will be the first step. After that, look for a mint mark. The presence or lack of one can narrow down the possible dates.There are certain chemicals that can be used to reveal a worn date, but doing so reduces and potential collector value (though if the date is worn off, the value is already minimal).

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The image is not off centered Do you know the value of a 1876 one penny?