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There are other designs of master links/quick links as well, so you need to take a real good look for any other link that looks a bit different. If there's like a keyhole slot on the inside of one of the pins, then the link is opened by squeezing the ends together. If there are pinhole slots by both pins on the same plate, then the link is opened by bending.

If all links are just the same, then you need a chain breaker tool to open the chain. Put a master link in when putting it back together to save yourself some trouble.

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Well, you can try lubing it. If that doesn't help you'll have to find someone to break it open for you. If you've locked it around a tree or lamppost, you could cut it down to get your bike free.

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ok this is for a Master Lock Combination Lock . First set all of the numbers to 0 then go to the last number and turn it until the thing come out a small little bit then do the same to each number and they will come out a little bit every time and then the first number just keep turning the numbers until it comes out.

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Q: What if the bike lock doesn't open?
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