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Dealing with Law Enforcement
If you are confronted by a police officer while transporting or playing with your airsoft gun, stay calm and follow their orders to the letter. Tell them that the gun isn't real, and ask them what you should do. Don't make any sudden movements and DO NOT argue with the officers. Your attitude can mean the difference between being arrested and being released.

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I'm assuming you mean WITHOUT the orange tip, than YES, they can take them away. federal law mandates that all toy guns MUST have an orange tip. it is possible to get charged for Brandishing a firearm, or worse, get shot because the cop saw you with what looks like an actual gun.

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Q: What if the police catch you and some friends playing airsoft with guns having an orange tip could the take my guns away?
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Can you get the orange tip out of a airsoft gun?

No. It is there for a reason. Leave it.

Can you airsoft in StLouis?

For what I know airsoft is not "illegal" anywhere. Because airsoft guns are considered toys by the government, as long as you have the orange tip on your gun and your being careful of who you aim at then yes, you can play airsoft in StLouis.

Is it illegal to remove the orange barrel from an airsoft gun and carry it outside?


How do you make an airsoft gun that looks real?

Don't. That orange stuff is there for a reason.

How much orange has to be visible on an airsoft gun?

1/4th of the flash hider

Can you bring airsoft guns into Mexico?

yes you can as long as it still has the orange top

Is it illegal in mass to have an airsoft gun without an orange tip?

Depending on which state you are in, the removal of the orange tip may be entirely illegal. However, in most states, an Orange tip is only required for travel. If you plan to transport an airsoft replica, you should have a full case for the replica or the original box, a barrel plug and barrel condom or sheath, have all magazines out of the replica and placed in a different storage container and have the safety on.Brandishing a "toy" weapon in public in a manor that may cause the "toy" weapon to be confused for a real weapon, is a punishable crime in most states and cities. Do not brandish an airsoft replica in public, on land that is not personally owned or on land in which you do not have the expressed permission of the owner to use airsoft replicas. Do not leave an airsoft replica uncovered in a car. Never leave a magazine in an airsoft replica so that it could be misconstrued for a real firearm. Always put your airsoft replicas in the "Safety on" postition and in the case of replica pistols, leave the slide in the locked back, unchambered position.If transporting an airsoft replica in a vehical and you are "pulled over", alert the police officer that you are transporting a personally owned airsoft replica in your vehical.Just use common sense when you are transporting or dealing with an airsoft replica and you should have no problems having the orange tip removed.

Does Tokyo marui put an orange tip on their guns when shipping to California?

Yes, all airsoft guns are shipped with orange tips.

Pa law about Airsoft guns?

Legal, but needs to have orange tip on the end of barrel.

Are airsoft guns legal in Minnesota?

Yes, with orange flashider permanently secured on barrel.

Is a airsoft gun considered a firearm in brookly park?

NO According to Federal law airsoft guns are catagorized as toys with the only thing being that they carry a quarter-inch orange blaze at the end of the barrel so law enforcement can tell the difference. The blaze orange tip can be legally removed once the airsoft gun is purchased. For resale, or transport however the blaze orange tip must be present. So, returning the original question, airsoft guns are legal in Brooklyn Park.

Are airsoft guns iliegal in the US?

No, airsoft guns are not illegal in the United States. However, there are numerous restrictions on them, such as: they must have an orange tip, they must not be shown in public etc.