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Hello I'm a 17-year-old guy and I am shy and if a girl asked me that I would probably not reply seriously even when I like her big time.


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It means he likes you and wants to marry you

if you asked him and he said yes then probably he does.

how do u not know, if he dosent do anything he abvoustley likes her

it probably means that one or both of the guys could be that the guy that asked you is the guy that likes you and is using his friend as a excuse to talk to you.

If the guy that asked hoo do u like and he says waters that kinda means he likes u or if that guy asks u hoo u like and he says waterer and u ask the guy out it cud mean that the guy asked u he cud hate the guy u asked out

really truthfully I don't know but I just asked the guy I like if he likes me and he hasn't said anything yet but when he does I'll let you know

it means he likes you. dont over analize anything a guy says

In the 1970s, it used to mean that he is gay but it doesn't mean anything anymore except that the guy likes to wear earrings!

I think the guy just wants to be friends so basically you are DEFINITELY in the friends zone!

You would be a fool to believe it unless you really are in love with him.Not necessarily. He could be lying, or joking but he could really mean it. If hes friends with the guy he says like you then he is more likely telling the truth. The guy who likes you could of asked him to tell you or maybe the guy who likes you is to nervous to tell you. There are loads of reasons why a guy would tell you that another guy likes you. Personally i wouldn't do anything about it and if the guy really does like you he will tell you himself.

A guy may rub a girl's waist if he likes her. A guy may also do it accidentally when walking by and it may not mean anything.

He probably likes you just really doent have anything else to do

It could just mean that he likes talking to you is all. Keep talking to him and see how things work out sure.

It means he likes you and wants to get closer to you or he is just someone who needs a friend. Which can also result in a relationship

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