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Get to know him.

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Q: What if you barely know the guy and you still like him?
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What does it mean when you dream about you and a guy you barely talk to being sweet?

I believe that this means that you would like to know this guy better.

What does it mean when you like someone you barely know and you can't stand it i like this guy who is 3 years older than me that I only met twice and he's funny but I barely know him what do I do?

you should get to know that person better!!!! get to know him and let him get to know you!!!

What does it mean when a guy you barely know kisses you on the cheek?

He wants his innsss

What does it mean when a guy tickles you when he has a girlfriend?

That depends. Are you friends with this guy? Or do you to barely know each other? If he is your friend then he might just be messing with you. If you barely know each other then it is possible that he finds you attractive.

Does a guy you barely know like you if when you tell him you're not feeling well and he puts his hand on your forehead to feel if you're warm?


What do you do if there is a guy who you are barely friends but at one event he sat by you instead of his friend does he like you?

it depends on his personality but most likely into you and wants to get to know you more

How do you ask a girl who knows you like her but you two barely know each other?

hot girls know that every guy like them.. what are you asking about? do you mean, how to talk to a girl that you think is too good for you?

How do you get a guy that barely knows you to ask you to prom?

You could ask him to prom. Or you could start talking to him and let the guy get to know you.

Is it perfectly normal for a girl to like a guy she barely knows?

well yes!

What do you do if a guy doesnt know if he likes you and you still really like him?

Just tell him how you feel!

How do you know if a guy likes you if you just met and you like him?

If he's still hanging around or dating you then he still likes you.

Does the guy still like me?

We have to assume that he liked you in the first place, and then we have to assume he knows you, because we don't don't know who you or 'the guy' are.

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