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If I had the power to become invisible, my name would be Shadowcloak.

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Q: What if you get power to become invisible what would your name be?
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What would be a good name for a super hero with the power of stretch and invisible?

Stelch. I mixed the words stealth and stretch.

What is invisible girls name?

Invisible girls name is Susan "Sue" Storm Richards.

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It can be call 'Invisible Star' because it is invisible.

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There are many superheroes that can turn invisible. Invisible Woman and Cipher from Marvel, T-1000 from the Terminator franchise, Fang from Maximum Ride, and Rakshasa from Supernatural are examples.

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smell, attitude, germs, "friend", problems

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The Invisible Man's Revenge!

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The name of the invisible rabbit Jimmy Stewart imagines he sees in the movie is Harvey.

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The name of the rabbit is Harvey.

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