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75% of men wear or have worn panties, nothing wrong with it at all, can you handle the hassle when friends and family find out? i wear panties everyday as i find they fit better and are more comfortable, i do wear mens undies if going to the docs or undressing in public though, i say if you like to wear panties and are ok with it then go ahead and enjoy them, i love mine and have 120 pairs

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Not at all

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Q: What if you i like to wear panties am a guy is that normal am 17 staight.?
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Is it ok to wear panties to the clinic for a check up?

I think it's normal if you do

Is normal sniffing panties?

its not really normal you dont have to be horny or gay to sniff panties i do it i even wear then cus its just clothing its not illegal to sniff em or wear em if your a boy

Why do grils wear panties?

there are many reasons... some girls wear panties to feel sexy. sometimes they wear panties if they wear skimpy outfits because some panties are similar to short shorts. Also if your planning on having sex you should wear panties because your man will find it sexy. also some girls wear panties because they like how they fit and feel. and some wear panties to feel younger. they think if they dress sexy they will suddenly become sexy to everyone, when in reality your still a cougar. some wear panties when they wear short dresses/skirts so when they bend over you see there new panties. and if you wear cute panties when your drunk and throw up on your clothes you can just take them off and still be covered up. and the list goes on.

Why does my boyfriend wear my panties?

He just really like your underwear

If you are 12 and wear a size seven women panies is that normal?

That depends. Panties have spandex in them which makes them hug your hips, so they aren't loose on your body. Pants aren't stretchy like panties which requires a bigger size and a belt, so it can be normal but that's more of a personal opinion.

Is it normal for me to want to wear panties I'm not gay?

No, it is not weird at all, and it has nothing to do with sexuality. Relax and go for it.

Does gretchen Wilson wear thong panties?

does gretchen Wilson wear thong panties

You wear women's and girl's panties you are a 14 year old boy is this normal?

Only if you are Metrosexual, other than that, NO!

Should you let your daughter wear thongs?

I let my daughter wear thongs because I think that there is no major difference between normal panties and thongs.

Why some girls like wear no bra or panties with clothes?

Many women don't want to have the restrained feeling bras and panties can have.

Do you wear panties with spankys?

well you gotta pick one do you want to wear panties or spankies.

Does AnnaSophia Robb like panties or thong?

no,she don t wear anything