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You should not put baby birds back in nests.

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Q: What if you put a baby bird in the wrong nest?
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If you put small sticks in a cockatiel's cage will it make a nest?

it depends how old the bird is if the bird is young it probably won't know how to make a nest. if the bird is older it will probably make a nest.

One baby bird is missing from the nest and you are wondering if it is all right?

Hmmm. I assume this is a wild bird nest? Chances are, it either fell out of the nest, successfully managed to fly out of the nest, or was eaten by a predator. Either way, there's not much you can do. If by chance you DO see it on the ground, pick it up and put it back in the nest. Unlike mammals, birds generally cannot smell very well, and will NOT abandon it because you touched it. However, hovering around the nest or trying to take care of a baby bird WILL cause more harm than good.

How many pieces of straw are in a birds nest?

however many the bird decides to put in the nest.

Can you put a bird feeder next to a bird nest house?

You can, but I wouldn't recommend it. All of the traffic might keep the mother from sitting on the nest.

When your cat catches a baby bird and tries to bring it into your house to kill it?

That is the nature of a cat. I would put both the cat and the bird outside and let nature take its course. If you know where the nest is, you could return the baby to it, but chances are that it is already damaged.

Put word flew in a sentence?

The bird flew over the nest.

Can you put baby chicks in cedar shakes?

NO. because the baby chicks can only put in a nest or in a cage.

How do you get birds to nest in your backyard?

You could build a bird house. You could put out bird food and a bird bath to make your chances better.Theres probably already a bird nesting in your yard somewhere. They like to nest in dense shrubbery and trees. You might just not be seeing the nest. They usually hide it.

What do you do when you find a baby bird unattended?

Just leave it. Sometimes like with Blue Jays the mother kicks the baby bird out of the nest on purpose. i recently found a baby bird in my front is smart just to leave it there because the parents are coming back but if they dont just get a shoe box,put a towel in it,get an eye dropper like the stuff for itchy eyes and put suger water in it.then feed the baby bird the suger water every 2 to 3 hours.then when it gets feathers look up what the type of bird it is then see what it eats.hope this helps.

What happens if you touch a dove egg and put it back in the nest?

the mother bird will not come back to the nest, and will just leave the egg there.

What to do for a baby bird fallen out of nest?

It depends on the age of the bird. If you know for sure its a baby bird, if possible, wait until you see the mother bird. Often if will carry it to a safer place and bring it food until it learns to fly. If it is injured or the mother bird abandons it, call a local bird sanctuary or take the bird there. But be carefull not to stress the baby bird out too much or it will die. What ever you do, do not put the bird back in its nest or touch it. Usually, if not all the time, the mother bird will reject the baby and let it die. Its better not to take the chance. Also it's illegal to take care of a baby bird without an license.

How can people help bluebirds with nesting?

You can put nest boxes out with bird feeders and hay. The birds will feel safe within a nest box.