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Wait a few days and take another test. If you still aren't sure, go see a doctor. But odds are, if you got one positive, you're pregnant. It's very unlikely to get a positive and not be pregnant. It's more common to get a negative and be pregnant.

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Q: What if you take 2 pregnancy test one comes out positive and the other comes out negative?
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What can cause a negative pregnancy test if you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Symptoms of pregnancy are a positive pregnancy test and missing period. If you have other symptoms, see your health care provider.

You took two pregnancy 1 was positive and the other was negative what should you do?

Take another for a tie breaker

When three negative are multiplied is the product positive or negative?

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What if you took 4 store boughten pregnancy test and 2 out of the 4 were positive and the other 2 were negative?

Time to go see a doctor for a real pregnancy test.

I am three months late i have all pregnancy symptoms an One faint positive ept test but many negative generic pregnancy tests that claim to be 98.9 effective i am getting could i still be pregnant?

It is more likely for you ro get a false negative than a false positive. In other words, if you get a negative on a test, you could still be pregnant, if you get a positive test, you are almost 100% pregnant. Positive pregnancies are rarely wrong.

What is a positive minus a positive?

It depends. (a) a positive minus a smaller positive is positive, (b) a positive minus a positive of the same size is zero, and (c) a positive minus a bigger positive is negative. For example, (a) 8 - 6 = 2 (b) 8 - 8 = 0 (c) 8 - 11 = -3

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why negative and positive particles attract each other

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There is no such thing as a positive or a negative zero. A negative divided by a positive is a negative, and a positive divided by a negative is a negative. If you have a negative and a positive, the answer will be a negative. But if you have two negatives or two positives as the dividend and divisor, the answer will be a positive. In other words, dividing two positives or two negatives will always give you a positive. But dividing a positive and a negative will always give you a negative.

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You get a positive number because a negative number reverses the other negative so it becomes a positive number.

Can you get a positive result with one brand of pregnancy test and then get a negative with a different brand of pregnancy test?

Yes, it is possible if you use 2 different types of test. One test may not be as strong in detecting the pregnancy hormone as the other. I suggest if you did get a positive result go see your doctor.

How do you multiply like and unlike signs?

Think of it this way: It's like spreading the negative sign flu that cancels each other out. positive * positive = positive negative * positive = negative positive * negative = negative negative * negative = positive

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It makes a positive, since the two negative signs cancel each other out.

You took a pregnancy test and it came out positive you are also almost 2 months late on your period is this a phantom pregnancy?

If your pregnancy test is positive then most likely you are. You would be more likely to get a false negative rather than a false positive. If you are unsure, you can request a beta HCG test from your doctor. This will measure the HCG hormone in your blood system which is an indicator of pregnancy. The pregnancy test is positive and you haven't had a period in two months. I see nothing to indicate that this is a 'phantom' pregnancy other than maybe wishful thinking. I've been told that the home test kits may give a false negative, but that they never indicate a false positive.

Can a HIV negative woman have a HIV negative baby with a HIV positive man?

Yes, if the woman herself is HIV negative, and HIV negative after the pregnancy has started then there is no reason (other than contracting HIV during pregnancy) that the baby should have the disease. However, if the woman were to contract HIV during pregnancy, there is a very high chance the baby would be HIV positive because the virus replicates to very high levels in the initial phases of infection. About 5/10 babies may become infected if the mother is HIV positive.

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Today you took a pregnancy test it was negative im on day 37 of your cycle im usually 29 day cycle what do you do next can this be an ectopic pregnancy?

If it was an ectopic pregnancy, you would still show positive on a pregnancy test. Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms? I would not consider pregnancy unless you feel you may be pregnant from some other sign.

Can parents with a negative and b positive have a child with a or b positive?

absolutely. as long as one of the parents is positive, the child can be positive. and if one parent is A the other B, the child can be A, B, AB or O depending on the parents' other alleles. so the child can definitely be A or B positive, but also A negative, B negative, AB negative, AB positive, O positive or O negative.

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You just divide like you would divide any other decimal, and then... Positive and Positive = Positive Negative and Negative = Positive Positive and Negative = Negative I hope my answer helped! :)

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This is a positive temperature on the Celsius scale and negative on the other scales.

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EX: ++ and -- (positive positive and negative negative)

Is it possible to be pregnant despite having had a positive home pregnancy test followed by a negative quantitative blood test followed by another positive home pregnancy test?

Home pregnancy tests rarely give you a false-positive. If two pregnancy tests have shown positive, I would say that you are definitely pregnant. The may've mucked up the blood test. Judge for yourself if you have any other signs of pregnancy. Sore breasts? Nausea? Dizziness and headaches? Bloating?

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Can you get a positive result with one brand of pregnancy test and then get a negative with a different brand of pregnancy test?

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