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If you are not pregnant, and not on your period, then it probably means you are ovulating. The cervix opens up when you are ovulating, and it becomes 'slimier' to help aid the travel of the sperm. If you are pregnant, then it just means your are pregnant. If you are not pregnant, and not ovulating, then it means you are about to have your period.

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Q: What if your cervix is up and hard and open?
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Is the cervix hard during pregnancy?

The cervix is normal up until around the time of labor.

Why doesn't a cervix open during pregnancy?

Cervix does not opens up during the pregnancy. It is the safety mechanism by which baby is protected from getting delivered prematurely. It protects the baby from the infection coming from the vagina. It is the need of the hour to open up the cervix to have the baby delivered at term.

Can the cervix open when you are not pregnant?

Yes the cervix can open while preganant.. So be very careful!!

If your cervix is open can you still be pregnant?

Well, yes...but not for much longer. The cervix has to open for the baby to be 'ejected'.

Exactly what should the position of the cervix be at the time of menstruation?

The cervix changes position all throughout a woman's cycle. Just prior to menstruation the cervix becomes low and hard, feeling like the tip of your nose. It will also be slighty open.

Is it possible for your cervix to be closed even when you ovulate?

It's possible but highly unlikely. During ovulation and leading up to ovulation the cervix will be open as it needs to be open in order to help allow the sperm reach the egg.

What does a open cervix mean?

A cervix has a canal through it, and that canal is normally quite small in diameter - less than the diameter of a pencil. An open cervix is more dilated than that.

Does your womb open up when you get your period?

No, the opening of your cervix opens up a little to let the blood out but after your period is done it closes again.

Can the cervix close once open?

Once it has been dilated it will go back to it's normal size. The cervix is always open a little bit.

What would make the cervix be hard whats wrong with me?

If you are asking about the uterine cervix, it is common for the cervix to be very firm throughout most of the menstrual cycle. The cervix only becomes very soft and opens up when you are nearing ovulation, to make it easier for sperm to get through it to the uterus. So really it's hard most of the time and only softer a few days out of every month.

What are the main functions of the cervix?

During menstruation the cervix stretches open slightly to allow the endometrium to be shed.

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