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your screwed like me

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Q: What if your combination is locked inside your safe you have the key model 5O59 lock 3229 small brinks safe?
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Lost combination to brinks home safe model 5056 have key can you help?

Purchased a Brinks 5056 safe(at yardsale), and combination was accidentally locked inside, key works but will not open without combination. Contacted First Alert, said they had info I just needed to get notarized authorization to open, which I did, but now they say combination for that range of models is missing. How can I open safe?

Change brinks lock combination?

The changing of a Brinks lock combination depends on the model that you have. Most actually have a reset button that you hold down for 30 seconds to a minute.

I have a brinks model 5111 with a key, but I do not have the combination. I also have a serial number to?


How can you get a manual for a brinks safe model 5059?

I for get the combination of my Brinks Home Security. Please i needed. Model 5059, the passed # is 23732, Save Inspections # JIS-S-1037.

How can you get combination for a Brinks safe model 5060?

Lock smith,thats your best choice,since theres no way to contact brinks people.....

Brinks home safes reset code for model 5074?

In order to reset the code, you will need to contact Brinks. The company will send you a key and combination replacement.

How can I get the combination for our brinks fire safe model 5190?

Get the model and serial from your safe as well as the key number. Call Honeywell @ 800-223-8566

How can I open a Brinks model 5059 I have the key but not the combination my name is Claire Davison?

You have to have the receipt with your name on it, as well as the serial card that was included inside. Iy you have none of these, any police station can do it,but they will run your info and charge you a fee of around $100.

How do you reset the code for a Model 5074 brinks home security safe?

I have a brinks 4 no. Safe gorgot the turning sequence for it can u help?

How can you get a key for brinks model 5111?

To order a key or retrieve the combination for these safes, you will need to download a form from the manufacturer's web site. This will need to be filled out and notarized, and sent with the appropriate payment. The company will then send you the key, or provide you with the combination.

How can you get combination for Brinks safe model?

To open a Brinks lock you first have to set the lock on zero. Next you turn it clockwise four complete turns, then do it once more stopping on the first number of the combination. Then turn the dial counter clockwise for two turns, do it once more and stop on the second number, turn the dial clockwise twice stopping on the third number of the combination, finally turn counter clockwise to the fourth number. The lock should then open.

How do I get phone number to Brinks home Security safes I Lost Combination but I have model number and serial number?

Usually you can look up the company name on google and go to their website. There they should have a phon number in customer services or somwhere on the website.