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  • The only one that can break you and your girlfriend up is the two of you and if you love each other then communicate about what is happening re the actions of your girlfriend's friend trying to break you up. It is really up to your girlfriend to decide if her girlfriend's bad actions towards both of you are worth keeping her as a friend. There are generally only two reasons for a girlfriend to try to break up her friend and her boyfriend and that is #1 she is jealous you are taking time away from her being with her friend or, #2 she may be in love with you.

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Do not mind her. She still likes this guy. Like, let her be your boyfriend's friend in reality not in social networks. If she wants to be your boyfriend's friend. It means that the girl wants to have connection secretly from you.

ok here it goes.....bestfriends dont sleep with their friend's boy/girlfriends this is sooooo not cool therefore they arent your real friend or maybe there getting the wrong picture maybe they think u arent that interested in your relationship so they jus want a quick fix and the way you been talking it sounds like your telling him to try your girl long story short watch how you talk about your girl friend because your best friend may think ur not that in to her therfore she is not off limits or maybe he is jus a crappy friend so Ditch em

answer i say call her bluff and if she does break up with you she never loved you in the first place!!!! Play by her rules or you may lose her. She already knows you love her, but doesn't feel it the right time to get serious again. If you want to keep her and possibly get her back later, play by her rules.

yes, Dally doesnt like rules, he tries to break them any way he can.

Maybe your friends come to you when my other friend tries to make you feel feel calm because they are jealous of your friendship.

You should trust your girlfriend and if she loves you she will ignore her brother providing you are treating her with respect. If she does not stand up for you and her brother continues to try to break you up she should either stand up to him or, if a minor she should talk to her parents about what her brother is up to.

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When he hardly talks to you and when you talk he tries to change the subjuct and he tries to talk quietly to you and only you. If this does not work this has happened to my friend.

It could mean anything. Maybe you friend thinks you and your crush would be good together.

you need to come out and just let u know u like him and not his friend

You stop talking to the friend and only hang out with your other friends.

It might mean that knows you like HIM but he doesn't like YOU but he feels bad so he tries to make you feel better w/ a different guy

You know because she is always by you or sometimes tries to be your friend.

controlling and tries to control everything a person does! they also don't like that person knowing anyone else When a person is so afraid to lose a person as a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend they become possessive and paranoid about little things

(Just to say, I don't know why you would want to do this). Try flirting with her best friend or everytime she tries to flirt with her boyfriend call him and say something interuptive like, "Yo dude! I need to talk to you about something!"

To be honest you keep it cool with your mate but whach out for him so he dosnet do anything , or tries to. I was in the same posistion but I'm a girl so it was qute akward. i know how you feel but don't worry and keep it cool with your mate :)

Go to the guy and tell him to tell his girlfriend that he has a crush on you and that he thinks they should get over each other.

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