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Monet was a founding father of the painting style Impressionism.


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The style of painting popularized by Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir was impressionism.

His painting style was Impressionism. That is not abstract painting.

His painting style was Impressionism. That is not Cubism.

Monet was a French impressionist painter.

That he started a new style of painting, Impressionism, which has become the favorite style of lots of people in our days.

Edouard Manet and Claude Monet both were French and painted in the impressionist style. In fact, the style derives its name from one of Monet's paintings and Monet is considered the father of impressionist painting. In addition to studio work they painted plein air landscapes out of doors.

For starting Impressionism and painting a great many paintings in this new style.

He was an Impressionist, a kind of artist named because their paintings supposedly give the impression of the subject.

It is one of his many Impressionism paintings.

impressionist style painting. he painted using the "en plein air" technique in which he focused on the lights reflections on various surfaces as opposed to focusing on details in the picture itself.

You do not invent a style of painting on any one day.

Explain what was important about the style of art, impressionism

Claude Monet"s style was Impressionism and Modern art

· He was a great artist and helped invent the style of painting called "Impressionism." · He spent most of his time drawing ridiculous pictures of his teachers! · The mood of his paintings were happy and filled with nature. · Monet liked to paint about nature, boats, oceans, lakes, and ponds. · He was more interested in how something looked when the sunlight was on it.

He created Impressionism painting himself, its just another style of art like Surrealism or landcape.

The style impressionist.

Claude Monet started Impressionism.

Claude Monet was one of the leading French Impressionist painters. He helped bring to the forefront of painting a new style that at first was not the norm. Impressionism, however, soon began to find a strong following Monet was born in 1840 in France and died in 1926.

Cubism IS a painting style.

Paul Cezanne's style of painting is : modern style

He was an impressionist .

Well one of the most famous would be Claude Oscar Monet. He is also well known for painting water lilies.There are many famous French artist. Claude Monet was a founder of the French Impressionist painting. One of his paintings is called "Impression, Sunrise". Pierr-Auguste Renoir helped to develop the Impressionist style. A famous Renoir painting is "A Girl with a Watering Can".

What is the name for the elephants style of painting

This is true of more than one of the impressionists. Especially of Monet. Renoir, too, but he and Berthe Morisot changed their impressionist style a little towards the end of their career.

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