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one good example of solar power is the used of solar panel to gather energy from the sun and uses a motor to convert it into electricity .

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Q: What in an example of solar power?
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Is solar power better then coal power?

Solar power is more environment friendly than coal power. Solar power is, however, more expensive than coal power.

What is Positive points about solar power?

solar power is very expensive, but does not harm the enviorment. it takes up lots of space. solar power does not cause global warming. ('-')

What does solar power help?

Solar power is a great renewable energy resource. Solar power helps by reducing the demand of the non-renewable energy to prevent depletion of such energy resources. Solar power also helps the environment by reducing the amount emissions from buildings. Tioga Energy uses solar power energy to help power many different facilities. Check out the website to learn more about solar power

What are good things about solar power?

1. Solar Power is not tied to specific locations. Power can be anywhere 2. Solar Power is silent 3. Solar Power is more steady and readily available than Wind 4. Solar Power is easy to store 5. Solar panels are attractive. They can be made into art 6. Solar Power can be a very automated backup power 7. Many Governments help with the return on investment to make them a workable alternative. 8. They do not consume power from the grid like wind to get started or protect themselves. 9. They are considered by many to be green energy

Are solar panels an example of solar energy?

Solar panels are not an example of solar energy but rather they are means through which solar energy (that is energy from the sun) is converted into electricity. Check out the related link for great videos and information on solar panels.

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Tidal power is an example of?

solar energy

An example of a renewable source of energy is?

Water (hydroelectric power).

Why do we need solar power plants?

Solar power is a great example of renewable energy, which can help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, which will run out eventually.we solar power becuse to make stuff better

What is a non-example of geothemal energy?

Solar power is a non-example of geothermal energy

What is an example of ultraviolet waves?

radiant energy that we get from the sunor solar power

An example of a renewable engery source is?

Hydro power, solar power, wind energy, Bio mass

Is solar power an invention?

Not really. Solar energy exists with or without someone to appreciate it. The technology to harness solar energy does require invention. Solar panels are an invention, for example.

What are some examples of solar power items?

Solar power is a source that comes from the Sun and it can be used to light and heat things for example houses, calculators and many more.

Can people use solar power in their homes?

Yes they can. Lots of people use solar power in their homes for all sorts of things, like heating their homes for example.

Give three more examples of renewable energy resources?

Renewable energy! Solar energy, wind power, hydro power and Geothermal power. Hope i helped:)

An example pf a renewable energy source is?

Wind power, hydropower, solar energy

How do we get solar power?

Solar power is harnessed through solar panels