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Who wrote the monkeys paw?

W. W. Jacobs

What was the first wish in the Monkeys Paw by WW Jacobs?

The first wish was for 200 pounds.

How does Jacobs set the mood of the story monkeys paw?

with your mom. go read the textbook you lazy arsehole.

What is bad about the monkeys paw in the monkeys paw?

pooop is all on it

What country did the monkeys paw in the tale of the monkeys paw come from?

The author said the monkeys paw came from India. So I think the tale was from India.

Why did W. W. Jacobs write 'The Monkey's Paw'?

Because he was dying of toe cancer

What is the comparison an the contrast between the monkeys paw an the bottle imp?

how do you compare an contrast the monkeys paw an the bottle imp

Who wrote the monkey paw?

W.W Jacobs

Who was author of the monkey's paw?

W.W Jacobs

What is the introduction to monkeys paw and third wish in an essay?

in the third wish and monkeys paw they both regret wishes they asked for.

What is the exposition in the monkeys paw?

Its when the doctor introduces the paw to mr.whites family

What is the mood in the monkeys paw?


A paragraph on the monkeys paw?

its about>>>>>>>######33333333333...............

What are the foreshadowing in the monkeys paw?


How would you describe the monkeys paw?

The monkeys paw is a talisman and it 3 people 3 wishes and the 3nd wish is always for death.

Who influenced billy ray Cyrus to start singing?

his paw paw

How did w w Jacobs die?

It is not known how WW Jacobs died. WW Jacobs was a writer and his most famous work was The Monkey's Paw.

What is the main idea from the story the monkeys paw?

A monkey's paw supposedly grants wishes

How does one get luck in the story The Monkey's Paw?

how is luck considered a role in The Monkeys Paw

Who gave the monkeys paw to Mr.White?

the lawyer

What is the atmosphere of the monkeys paw?

suspence and tension

What is a good theme for the monkeys paw?


What author wrote The Monkey's Paw?

The short story The Monkey's Paw was written by author W. W. Jacobs

How does sergeant-morris feel about the monkeys paw?

How does sergent morris feel about the monkey's paw

Who is antagonist in Monkey's Paw?

the monkeys paw is the antagonist, even though it isn't really a character

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