What information determines alleles?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What information determines alleles?
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Genes carry information that determine what?

a.alleles b.ribosomes c.chromosomes d.traits

What determines an organisms alleles in sexual reproduction?

what determines an organism's alles in sexual reproduction

What two factors determines alleles an organism ends up with?

Dominant and recessive

What determines if information is credible?

What determines if information is credible?

When two alleles of an inherited pair are different the dominant allele determines the organisms appearance?


How many different outcomes can you have when you have 10 alleles?

There is not enough information to answer this questions. 10 alleles in 1 loci? 10 alleles total? 10 alleles for that gene in the population?

Are alternative forms of a gene called traits?

Genes have alternate forms called alleles. The combination of alleles in an individual determines how the characteristic will manifest.

Where is genetic information located in a cell?

Genetic information is the combining of alleles and their outcome. Chromosomes form alleles and chromosomes are formed inside of a cell.

What genes with different information at the same locus?


Who determines your blood type?

Your parents determine your blood type. Your blood type is a cross of two alleles from the parent, one from each parent. Your parents could either give you AA, AO, AB, BB, BO or OO alleles, depending on which two alleles that they have.

What are genes with three or more alleles called?

this makes no scientific sense. A gene (which determines a phenotypic trait) can only contain 2 alleles. However codominace allows for multiple alleles to be chosen from, but only 2 picked for a gene. Also, if multiple genes determine a phenotypic trait that's polygenic inheritance.

What determines Which traits will be passed on to the next generation?

trait dominance (genotypic relationship between alleles). look up "heritability"