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What information is there about Nat and Alex Wolff?

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Answernat was born dec.17 1994 and alex was born nov.1 1998. they are two years younger in the show than in real life.they live in new york.nat writes all the naked brothers band songs accept that's how it is,i could be,and alien clones which were written by alex.

and alex wrote why three is enough and changing.

2009-12-22 16:05:05
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Are nat wolff and alex wolff brothers?

Yes Alex and Nat Wolff are brothers

Does Alex and nat wolff have a sister?

No, Alex and Nat Wolff do not have a sister.

Are nat and alex wolff still famous?

Will Nat and Alex Wolff still be famous?

Who sings your smile nat or alex wolff?

nat wolff

Who are Nat and Alex wolff?

nat and alex wolff are from a show and a movie called The Naked Brothers Band.

How old is nat wolff and alex wolff now in 2010?

Nat is 17 and Alex is 13 now

Who is hotter Nat Wolff or Alex?

nat wolff!!!!!!!!!!! hes sexy as hec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was Alex and Nat wolff born?

NAt in 1994 and Alex in 1997

How old is nat and alex wolff in 2012?

Nat Wolff is currently 16 years old, where as, Alex Wolff is 14 years old.

What is nat and alex from the Naked Brothers Band real name?

Nat and Alex's real name are actually Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff

What state does nat and alex wolff live?

Nat and Alex Wolff live in New York, but Nat was born in LA. Alex was still born in NY though.

Do you know nat wolff you love alex?

My name is gloriana and I would defanatly go out with nat wolff.

Who is better looking out of Alex and Nat Wolff?

It is a matter of opinion Alex Wolff

Is nat and alex wolff really in a band?

not anymore , alex and nat wolff are currently working on their solo album together

How old are nat and alex wolff in 2012?

Nat Wolff is 17 and Alex is 14 :) lol i cant belive that :D

How tall is Nat and Alex wolff?

Nat = 5'10" Alex = 4'7" As of 2010

Does nat and Alex wolff swear?


Where does Nat and Alex Wolff live?

Nat and Alex wolff live in New york,Manhattan and go to FRIENDS SEMINARY school. :)

Is there still a band with nat and alex wolff?

Yes, Nat and Alex wolff hae a band, 2012. It's called " Nat and Alex Wolff ". The boys matured along with their music, and now are advertising their album " Black Sheep "

Who is Alex Wolff?

Alex Wolff is a singer/songwriter/musician. He is now in the duo "Nat and Alex Wolff" with his brother, Nat. He used to be in a band and show called "The Naked Brothers Band" as the drummer.

Is nat wolff a Michael Jackson fan?

Yes, Nat Wolff is a fan of Michael Jackson. (So is Alex Wolff)

Birthdays of nat and alex wolff?

nat=december 17 alex=november 1

How old is nat and alex wolff in 2010?

nat will turn 17 and alex 13

Where does nat wolff and alex wolff live?

New York City

Can Alex Wolff date you?

yes but i think you should try to contact him first go to nat wolff information and see what u get