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yes they are herbivores

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Are birds and insects herbivores?

There are carnivores and herbivores in both birds and insects.

Which insects that are herbivores?

grasshoppers are herbivores

Are all insects herbivores?

No. They are not all herbivores.

Are javelina's herbivores?

No they are not herbivores. They do eat insects sometimes

Are leaf insects herbivores carnivores or omnivores?


Are alligators birds rabbits and insects herbivores?

alligators are carnivores. birds can be omnivores, carnivores, or herbivores. insects can be carnivores or herbivores. chickens are not carnivores.

Are desert insects carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Some desert insects are carnivores, some herbivores and others omnivores.

Are insects carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

They are mostly herbivores but some are decomposers.

Are insects mammals or herbivore?

Insects are not mammals. some insects are herbivores and some are carnivores.

Are peacocks omnivores or herbivores?

Herbivores Their preferred diet is grains, but they do eat insects, which makes them an omnivore.

What insects do iguanas eat?

Iguanas do not eat insects because they are herbivores.

Are insects carnivores herbivores omnivores or scavengers?

They are mostly herbivores. Some are carnivores Some are omnivores Some are herbivores

Are stick insects omnivores carnivores or herbivores?

โ€œ no

Are insect eating birds herbivores?

Since insects are animals rather than plants, birds that eat insects are carnivores, not herbivores. There are also birds which eat insects and also eat plants; they are omnivores.

Are panther chameleon's herbivores?

all chameleons are not herbivores,because they do not eat plants,only insects

Are toads herbivores?

No. Toads are carnivores. They eat insects.

What time do stick insects hunt?

They don't. There herbivores.

Do big horn sheep eat insects?

No they are herbivores

Do jackrabbits eat insects?

No, Jack Rabbits are Herbivores.

What herbivores are in the forest?

Herbivores in the forest are any animals that eat producers/plants. Mostly bugs and insects and herbivores. There are also some large animals that are herbivores. For example a sloth.

What type of consumers are insects?

Insects are herbivores. This means that they eat plants. Some eat meat tough.

Do iguanas eat insects?

No, they are herbivores and they cannot digest insects or any other meats.what do they ingunna's eatt

Are American robins herbivores?

I think American robins are not herbivores because they eat both, insects and plant seeds.

Are alligators herbivores?

Alligators eat all kinds of insects and animals depending on their size so they are carnivores and not herbivores.

What percentage of insects are herbivores?

like about 40.5 percent average

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