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I am sure the water lilies inspired him.

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What did artist Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet is famous for his water lilies paintings.

What inspired Claude Monet to paint his water lily bridge?

his love and passion for his beautiful pond inspired Monet to paint his bridge

What french artist loved to paint water lilies?

Claude Monet, of course, loved to paint water lilies (les nympheas).

Who inspired Claude Monet to paint?

Firstly Eugène Boudin.

How many water lilies did Claude Monet paint?

approximately 250 oil paintings

Which artist paint Water Lilies?

oscar-claude monet painted water lillies

Where did Claude Monet paint water lilies?

In the garden of his home in Giverny, where the water lily pond is. .

Who inspired Pierre Renoir?

Renoir's inspiration: How to paint: Claude Monet What to paint: Beautiful women.

Who inspired Claude Monet in his paintings?

the reason monet started to paint and become an artist was the nature outside his home

What did Claude Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet liked to paint landscapes.

Why did Claude Monet paint water lilies 1907?

Because they were his favorite subject between the 1890s and 1926.

When did he paint 'Water Lilies Evening Effect'?

In 1897, if you mean Claude Monet. "When did HE paint ...? is an impossible question. How can I know who you mean????

When did Claude Monet paint his first painting?

In 1856 or 1857, in Trouville, inspired by Eugène Boudin.

Why did monet like to paint?

claude monet liked to paint waterlilyes

Did Claude Monet paint or draw the White Water Lilies?

He was an impressionist so it is very likely that he painted using the plenair technique.

Why did Claude Monet always paint water lilies?

Because he loved his water lily pond, which always looked different from the day before.

How many pictures did Claude Monet paint?

this is not a name 72 wold be if you said Claude Monet

What style did Claude Monet paint in?

Claude Monet"s style was Impressionism and Modern art

Claude Monet was inspired for his water lilies paintings by a trip he did to Italy?

Monet was encouraged by the marine painter Boudin to paint in the open air, a practice he never forsook. After two years (1860-62) with the army in Algeria, he went to Paris, over parental objections, to study painting.

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