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She had a very detailed dream about Bella and Edward (who were un-named at the time), the dream was of the part in the book when they are in the meadow in the woods. She knew that the two were in love in her dream and that the one was a vampire. She typed up what she could remember of the dream and went from there to the end, and later went back to finish up what is the begining of the book. She was very inspired by the dream because she hadn't been writing anything for a long time and even then would never finish anything.

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What inspired Stephenie Meyer to become a writer?

A dream she had inspired her to write Twilight

Who inspired Stephenie Meyer to write?

her sister Emily and her dream to write twilight

Why did Stephenie Meyer write the twilight series?

Stephanie Meyer started to write the twilight saga after waking up froma dreams he saw about a vampire girl and a boy. Thats what inspired her to write about The Twilight saga.

I've heard ALL kinds of answers but does someone know the truth about what inspired Stephenie Meyer to write Twilight?

Stephenie Meyer was inspired by an erotic dream in which a human girl falls in love with a vampire.

What inspired Stephenie Meyer to write the Twilight Series?

It was a dream she had. The dream was about a vampire who was with his human girlfriend in a glade and who was talking about the difficulty of their relationship. After having this dream, Stephenie Meyer started to write the books.

Why did Stephenie Meyer write the 'Twilight' Series?

Stephenie Meyer's purpose was to entertain.

What inspired Stephenie Meyer to write The Twilight Saga?

Stephenie Meyer was inspired to write the Twilight saga from a dream she had. She dreamed of two people (a beautiful boy and a girl) sitting in a meadow together and talking to each other, except it wasn't a normal conversation, it was stressful and full of anxiety. After this, she felt that she needed to write her dream down and continued on from there.

Who are to author that write Twilight books?

Stephenie Meyer wrote The Twilight Saga.

How long did it take Stephenie Meyer to write the twilight series?

Stephenie wrote one twilight book a year.

Eclipse Stephenie Meyer?

Stephenie Meyer did write a book name Eclipse it's part of the Twilight Saga, book three.

Is it illegal to write Twilight books if you are not Stephenie Meyer?

Uhh... Yeah!

How long did it take Stephenie Meyer to write Twilight?

3-6 months.

What program did Stephenie Meyer use to write the twilight series?

miscroft word

Is stephenie meyer going to write more books to go with twilight?


Will Stephenie Meyer write another addition to the twilight series?

Stephenie Meyer actually said that she's thinking of continuing Jacob and Rennesmee's story.

What type of books does Stephenie Meyer write?

Stephanie Meyer writes about romance for young adults. like: twilight

How long did it take to write the book 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer?

In an interview, she stated it took her about three months to write it.

Did Stephenie Meyer write any other books decides twilight?

yes, "The Host".

Did Stephenie Meyer write twilight?

Well heck yes! She is the best! Have a nice Day!

What is the meaning of twilight by Stephenie Meyer?

i heard she had a dream about twilight and when she woke up she decided to write wat she saw

When did Stephenie Meyer write The Twilight Saga?

many years there are 4 books in the twilight saga be more spasific

What types of books do Stephenie Meyer write?

Stephenie Meyer write books about love and it is for teenagers. Her bestsellings are Twilight, a book about a vampire called Edward falls in love with a girl called Bella swan.

What other books did Stephenie Meyer write after twilight?

she wrote a book called Host and Fantesies

Does Stephenie Meyer write from personal exspierences?

actually she started the story twilight from one of the dreams she had

Is Stephenie Meyer going to write a new series?

Apart from the Twilight saga, Stephenie Meyer has written science fiction The host. Go onto for StephMeyer information...

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