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Q: What instrument did scientist use to observe the stars?
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What instrument is used for observing stars?

You use a telescope to observe stars, and sometimes also use a star map.

What technological instrument does scientist use to study the stars and the universe?

a magnifying glass.

What instrumant is used to observe stars?

the instrument in which we use to observe stars is the Telescope. The telescope can be small that can fit just by a bedroom window or it can be so big that a building is built just to use it (observatories). the magnification also varies.

What would you use to observe the stars?

To observe the stars, you would use a telescope.

What is the instrument use by the scientist?


What is the instrument scientists use to observe planet?


What instrument do you use to observe the movement of the moon?


A scientist wants to observe the structure that joins a cell to neighboring cells. How should the scientist observe the detailed structure of the cell?

The scientist should use an electron microscope

Which scientist was one of the first scientist to successfully use a telescope to observe the night sky?


The intrument that scientists use observe planet?

The instrument scientists use to observe the planets is a high powered telescope.

To observe a small living organism a scientist might use?

A microscope.

What are the tools scientist use observe objects in the night sky?