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What instrument measures grams?

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A gram is a submultiple (1/1000th) of the kilogram, which is the SI Base Unit for mass.

Mass is measured using a scale balance: a device with two pans suspended from a horizontal beam. A balance cancels the effect of gravity, while allowing the mass of an unknown object to be compared with a known mass -usually provided from a set of very accurate standard masses.

Weight, on the other hand, is the force due to gravity and is measured in newtons and is measured using a spring balance. A spring balance is stretched by the force acting on a body due to gravity and, so, measures its weight.

(Although a spring balance actually measure weight, they are often calibrated to indicate mass.As weight varies from place to place, whereas mass doesn't, this means that a spring balance will only accurately indicate mass at the place where it has been calibrated. This is also true of digital scales, which also measure weight but are usually calibrated to indicate mass.)
The jewelry scale that weighs grams Troy gram

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An audiometer is the instrument that measures hearing.

What instrument measures moles?

An instrument can not be used to measure moles because moles is the amount of grams of a substance divided by the molar mass of the substance. This can not be measured and has to be calculated.

What instrument do you use to find the mass of objects?

All you need is a scale. you should use a scale that measures in grams.

What instrument measures amps of current?

An electrical ammeter.

What instrument measures grams or kilograms?

A metric scaleA set of scales.Triple-beam scale.AnswerTriple-beam scale.

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* * *

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How do you convert 9 grams in 15 centimeters?

Grams measures mass. Centimeters measures length.

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This instrument is called calorimeter.

What instrument measures the smallest quantities of mass?

A triple beam balance is usually used to measure small quantities of mass because on it you can measure in multiples of 1 gram, 10 grams, and a 100 grams.

What is 28 grams times 39 yards?

Impossible; grams are measures of weight and yards are measures of length.

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A scale

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a rular

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a creep meter

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