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He played the violin, the organ, the harpsichord, and the piano-forte.

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Did Bach play hallelujah chorus?

Bach did not play hallelujah chorus. it was arranged by James Bastien and played by George Frideric Handel.

What instruments did George f Handel play?

He played Violin, Piano, and Lute

Did George Frederic Handel play the violin?

Yes Indeed George Frederic Handel played the violin as well as the Clavichord

What instruments did the Beatles use in the song Yesterday?

The Beatles DID NOT play their "usual" instruments at all... Ringo DID not play the Drums Paul DID NOT play the BASS George DID NOT play Lead John DID NOT play Rhythym HOWEVER>>> Paul does play an Acoustic guitar,accompanied by the violin and the by rest of the orchestra of George Martin,their producer.....

Did George Washington play any instruments?

he played the drums sax and hi people

What instruments does macklemore play?

What instruments does maklemore play

How many instruments did George Harrison play?

George Harrison has been recorded playing electric and acoustic guitar (plus slide), mandolin and sitar.

Does Chris Brown play instruments?

== == no he has not play any instruments

What instruments does Carrie Underwood play?

She doesn't play any instruments

How many instruments play in a quintet?

Five instruments play in a quintet.

What instruments do JLS play?

They don't collectively play any instruments.

What instruments did George Harrison play?

The guitar, sitar, and ukelele. George Harrison usually played the guitar with The Beatles but he also used to play the sitar(indian guitar). Guitar, sitar, piano.george harrison played lead guitarguitar

What did George Frederic Handel's father want him to become rather than a composer?

George Frederick Handel's father was determined that he should study law; Handel, as a child, secretly taught himself music and learned to play the harpsichord.

What instruments could George Harrison play?

George mainly played the guitar and sitar. He could also play bass, keyboards, drums, ukulele and harmonica. He did experiment with the original Moog synthesizer on his Electric Sounds album. Contrary to some reports, George did NOT play the fiddle on Don't Pass Me by.

What instruments did george play?

Multiple guitars, sitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, keyboards, tambura to name a few.

Did any Franks play instruments?

did anne frank play any instruments

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