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Q: What instruments were used in the song red red wine?
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What instruments are in the song red red wine by ub40?

Good ones!

Who wrote the song 'red red wine'?

Neil Diamond wrote Red Red Wine

Who sings the song red red wine?

== == == ==

What song of lady gaga has the words red wine used in them?

just dance (:

Who sang red wine?

I believe you are looking for the song Red Red Wine, which was done by UB40

Was the song red red wine in the movie cocktail?


What are the instruments used in Taylor Swift's song Red?

The instruments used in the song Red are 1) key board 2) violin 3) electric guitars 4) banjo 5) back up vocalists 6) drums

What is the meaning of the song Wine Red by The Hush Sound?

i really dont know but it actually means to drink red red wine so point of that is the meaning of the song red wine by the hush sound thanks

Did Bob Marley record the song red red wine?

No No No

Why is red wine red?

The color of red wine comes from the skins of the grapes used to produce the wine.

What reggae song made UB40 famous?

red red wine

Is blood used in making red wine?

No, it is not. The redness in red wine is due to the grapes used.

What word in spanish is used for red wine?

Vino tinto = coloured wine (ie red wine)

What alcoholic beverage is in the title of a hit song by UB40?

'Red, Red, Wine'

Who had a hit with the Neil Diamond song 'Red Red Wine?

ub 40

Which of these boozes is in the title of a hit song by UB40?

Red Wine

What year was red red wine song a number one hit?

October 1988

What type of music is red red wine the song?

Popular Reggae (Pop Reggae).

What is the name of the red wine used on a seder plate?

Red wine is not put on the Seder plate.

What is the meaning of the song red red wine?

The lyrics are sung from the perspective of someone who finds drinking red wine the only way to forget a lost love.

Who sings the red wine song?

I think the band is called "UB40"

Can red cooking wine be used in place of red wine?

It can be for cooking, but not for drinking, because it contains salt.

Is beetroot used to make wine red?


Do simply red sing red red wine?

UB 40 sings that song. others may have covered it

Was red wine used as a weapon?

No, it wasn't used as a weapon.