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variable life insurance exceeding 10,000 dollars.

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Q: What insurance policy is exempt from the life insurance policy illustration guidelines?
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What is ledger selling?

basing a life insurance sale primarily on the figures shown in a policy illustration

How do you determine the Value of my Variable life insurance policy?

You need to either contact your agent, a registered rep, or the insurance company directly and ask them for a current illustration.

Can debtors collect from a deceased's life insurance policy?

I think you mean "creditors," those who are owed money. Debtors are the ones who owe the money. In Texas, the proceeds from life insurance policies are exempt if a dependent is named as the beneficiary. Otherwise, the funds are not exempt. Of course, the creditor must know about the policy to collect from it.

Can my homeowners insurance company drop my policy if i have a slide on my swimming pool in the state of fl.?

It just depends on the insurance company underwriting guidelines. Some companies will not accept pool risks with a slide, some will not accept diving boards. If it is determined that your risk does not qualify for coverage under the guidelines then they can cancel your policy.

How do you request a copy of your life insurance in force illustration?

Request the form from the insurer. They should immediately email it back to you. All insurers provide a simple form for that purpose. They'll want the Policy Number for the specific policy.

What policy provides general policy authority and guidelines on dealing with terrorists?

provides general policy authority and guidelines on dealing with terrorists

How long does it take for cash to accumulate in your life insurance policy?

You have to check the illustration or cash value table. Maybe 3 years. For more info see

How much time you do have to file a claim with your insurance company?

You should be able to find that information in the policy terms.If not you should contact your agent. Insurance companies have their own guidelines, requirements concerning these matters.

Can insurance be cancelled because of secondary driver?

Yes,, Any driver who does not meet the insurers underwriting guidelines can result in the entire policy being cancelled.

What are the guidelines on physical exams in relation to obtaining a life insurance policy?

Each life insurance company establishes their own underwriting guidelines. Life insurance companies base their underwriting requirements on your age and the amount of life insurance you desire. Most life insurance will require a paramed exam which consists of height, weight, blood pressure readings, blood and urine samples. A more detailed MD exam may be required when insured is age 70 and above looking for a large policy $5million or greater.

How long after purchase of life insurance policy can you borrow from face value?

Take a look at your policy paying attention to the illustration in the guaranteed column. This will show you how much money you will have to borrow against in a given year. When there is enough you can borrow against it. But be careful!

Can an auto insurance policy insure more than four drivers?

Yes, It just depends on the Insurers underwriting guidelines. Some will set a maximum of four vehicles or drivers per policy, others will not