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Calcium and chlorine react to form CaCl2, containing Ca2+ and Cl- ions.

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Q: What ionic bond comes from calcium and chlorine?
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What kind of chemical bond would calcium have with chlorine?

ionic bond

What type of bond is formed when calcium and chlorine get together?


What type of chemical bond would calcium and chlorine together?

What is a example for the ionic bond?

calcium gives an electron to chlorine to form a stable bond

Is calcium chloride an ionic bond or a covalent bond?

Covalent bonds can only happen between non-metals, therefore this must be ionic because calium is a metal

Is cl a ionic bond?

An ionic bond is between a metal and a non-metal. Calcium is a metal and chlorine is a non-metal, so yes they form an ionic bond as CaCl2

Is Chlorine accepts 1 electron from calcium to form a stable bond an example of covalent bond?

No. This is an example of an ionic bond.

What bonds does calcium and chlorine have in common with hydrogen and nitrogen?

They do not have any bonds in common. Calcium and chlorine atoms form an ionic bond and hydrogen and nitrogen form a polar covalent bond.

What is the nature of the CaCl bond in a molecule of calcium chloride CaCl2 if the electronegativity value of calcium is 1.0 and that of chlorine is 3.16?

The CaCl bond would be polar ionic.

Which type of bond holds atoms together in a calcium chloride molecule?

It would be an ionic bond since calcium is a metal while chlorine is a nonmetal.

Why is there an ionic bond between calcium and chlorine?

Calcium is a metal element while chlorine is a non metal. The difference between the electron negativities of the elements is more than 2.1. So they form ionic bonds.

What type of bond is CaCI2?

ionic bond calcium donates 2 electrons to two chlorine atoms and both attain stable configuration