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"A slightly slowed, very calm walking pace" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase andantino molto calmo. The music term most famously references a tempo which involves 80 - 108 beats per minute. The pronunciation will be "AN-dan-TEE-no MOL-to KAL-mo" in Italian.

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Q: What is 'Andantino molto calmo' when translated from Italian to English?
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What is 'molto calmo' when translated from Italian to English?

"Very calm" is a literal English equivalent of the Italian masculine singular descriptive phrase molto calmo. The pronunciation will be "MOL-to KAL-mo" in Italian.

How do you say calm in Italian?

Depending on the context, it can be either 'calmo', 'tranquillo', 'quieto'.

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calm down befor i calm you down

How do you say be quiet in Europe?

It would all depend on the country you're in, of course!! In French, it would be Soyez tranquille ! In Italian, it would be Sia calmo! In Greek, it would be Να είστε ήρεμος! In German, it would be Seien Sie ruhig!

How do you say 'patience' in Portuguese?

Paciencia. But if you're asking someone to be patient, or to have patience, then you instead might say Espera, Calma or Calmo, or Tranquila or Tranquilo. Espera = wait. Calma, or Tranquila = [Just stay] calm, for a female; calmo, for a male.