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What is 'Guyana' famous for?

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Guyana is actually famous for the gold and rice. Guyana is one of the most important exporting country of gold.

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Who is the most famous person in Guyana?

The most famous person in Guyana is a matter of debate but Rhona Fox is probably one of the most famous of the people born in Guyana. Shakira Caine and Marc Gomes are also famous.

Who are some famous people from Guyana?

C. C. H. Pounder from NCIS New Orleans is from Guyana. So is R.B. Greaves who sang " Always Something There to Remind Me" and "Take a letter Maria" is from Guyana.

What does French Guyana celebrate?

it is famous and it celbrates its gold

Who is basil hinds?

A famous Guyanese person in Guyana!!!

Is traveling to Guyana for everyone?

Guyana is not a city place, so you should like the outdoors and nature. Guyana is famous for the great Kaieteur, if you like nature this is a must-see experience.

Who are some famous artists in Guyana?

djevanie is she was boring in jaimaica

Famous celebrities that are from Guyana?

Imarah Radix A beauty queen, Imarah Radix represented Guyana at the 2009 Miss World pageant.

What is the most famous food in Guyana?

There is no one favorite food in Guyana. The country's population is made up of a diverse group of 6 different races/ethnicity.

Who are famous Guyanese?

I think both Clive Llloyd & Shivnarine Chanderpaul are cricketers from Guyana.

Are there any famous people in Guyana?

Yes...the only one i know is Lio Britton:)

What is a guynese's person?

A person that came from Guyana. I come from Guyana we speak Guyanese and we are famous people in the cricket category's . Guyanese is creole that's what we all speak Guyana is a ONLY English country that live in south America.gyal=girlbhi=boy

How is Guyana a island?

Guyana is not a island. Guyana is a country in South America.

Is Guyana a city?

no Guyana is not a city

Does Guyana have a desert?

Guyana has no deserts.

Famous people in Guyana?

Colin croft, shiv chanderpaul, ramnaresh sarwan, and Leona Lewis Deborah cox

When was Guyana discovered?

Guyana was discovered in 1512

How cold is Guyana in the winter?

Guyana does not have winter

What is size of Guyana?

Guyana size is 83,000.

What is the capital of the Guyana?

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana.

When was Guyana created?

Guyana was created in 1667.

Why Guyana is an alie of America?

because its not the same i am from Guyana and i am 10 British toke over Guyana

What is the official name of Guyana?

Co-operative Republic of Guyana

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