What is 'Spero che hai' when translated from Italian to English?

"I hope that you have..." is an English equivalent of the incomplete Italian phrase Spero che hai... . The statement may be heard addressed to a family member, friend or peer since the informal singular "you" form is used. The pronunciation will be "SPEY-ro key eye" in Pisan Italian.

"I hope that you have" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Spero che hai.

Specifically, the present indicative verb spero is "(I) am hoping, do hope, hope." The conunction che means "that." The present indicative verb hai translates as "(informal singular you) are having, do have, have."

The pronunciation will be "SPEY-ro kay eye"* in Italian.

*The pronunciations of che and hai are respectively similar to the English nouns "way" and "eye."