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Welkom in Suriname is a Dutch equivalent of 'Welcome to Suriname'.

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Q: What is 'Welcome to Suriname' in Dutch?
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What is 'I am sorry' in Suriname?

Het spijt me is I'm sorry in Dutch. But do they speak Dutch in Suriname?

What is Suriname's offical name?

Republic of Suriname (Republiek Suriname in Dutch)

What is 'mushroom' in Suriname?

Paddenstoel is a Dutch equivalent for 'mushroom' in Suriname and wherever the Dutch language is spoken.

What year did Dutch Guiana become suriname?

Dutch Guiana became Suriname on 25 November 1975,

Is spanish spoken in suriname?

No. The official language of Suriname is Dutch.

The official language in suriname?

Dutch is the official language of Suriname.

Is Paramaribo in Suriname or in Dutch Guinea?

Paramaribo is in both Suriname and Dutch Guiana (not Dutch Guinea). It's the capital and largest city in the Republic of Suriname. Before independence, Suriname was a Dutch colony, and an English colony before that. Under the English, the country was called Surinam and Willoughbyland. Under the Dutch, it was called Dutch Guiana.Dutch Guinea is an old name for West Papua, Indonesia.

Who were Suriname's conquerors?

The Nederlands (Dutch)

What were some other names for Suriname?

Another name for Suriname was DUTCH Guiana

What is the English phrase 'Come and visit Suriname' in Dutch?

Kom en Bezoek Suriname.

What is Suriname's unofficial name?

The official name of Suriname in English is Republic of Suriname. In Dutch the official name is Republiek Suriname. In Sranan Tongo ['Surinamean tongue'], a Creole language spoken by over two-thirds of the population, Suriname is known as Sranan.Unofficially, the country still may be called by its former name of 'Dutch Guiana' from its colonial past. Or it may be called Suriname.

Does Suriname belong to the Dutch Language Union?

Yes, Suriname belongs to the Dutch Language Union. Suriname became an associate member in 2004. The Dutch Language Union [Nederlandse Taalunie is an international institution for standardizing the Dutch language. The NTU was founded by the Netherlands and Belgium on September 9, 1980.