What is 'art' in Greek?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Nothing. Art is short for Arthur, which is an English name.

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τέχνη (techni)

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τέχνη [tehny, like h in hero]

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Q: What is 'art' in Greek?
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What has the author Karl Schefold written?

Karl Schefold has written: 'Die Bildnisse der antiken Dichter, Redner und Denker' -- subject(s): Greek Portrait sculpture, Greek Sculpture, Portrait sculpture, Greek, Portrait sculpture, Roman, Roman Portrait sculpture, Roman Sculpture, Sculpture, Greek, Sculpture, Roman 'Meisterwerke griechischer Kunst' -- subject(s): Art, Greek, Greek Art 'Die Griechen und ihre Nachbarn' -- subject(s): Ancient Art, Art, Ancient, Art, Greco-Roman, Art, Greek, Greek Art 'Gods and heroes in late archaic Greek art' -- subject(s): Art, Greek, Gods in art, Greek Art, Mythology, Greek, in art 'Kertscher Vasen' -- subject(s): Greek Vases, Vase-painting, Greek, Vases, Greek 'The art of classical Greece' -- subject(s): Art, Greek, Greek Art

Where can one buy Greek Art online?

You can try the Greek art site which has various items from Greek artists. Greek paintings and art objects can also be purchased from a site titled Fine Art America.

What did Greek art and architecture?

Greek art expressed beauty, balance , and harmony .

The greek values of harmony order balance and proportion in art served as the standard for what?

Classical art!

How has the ancient Greek art influenced mankind today?

Ancient Greek art is very influential. Many people copy the styles of Greek art. They also copy the styles of Greek architecture and literature.

Is Byzantine ART roman art?

some people consider it Greek and some consider it Roman. but i think its Greek and Roman. in the dark ages, the Greek and Roman were together and combined Roman art and Greek art together and made byzantine art. until Rome fell into the dark. >:(

When was Museum of Greek Folk Art created?

Museum of Greek Folk Art was created in 1918.

What has the author Hans Walter written?

Hans Walter has written: 'Die Gestalt der Frau' -- subject(s): Art, Greek, Greek Art, History, Women, Women in art 'Satyrs Traum' -- subject(s): Copying, Greek Sculpture, Satyrs (Greek mythology) in art, Sculpture, Greek 'Bauwerk und Bildwerk' -- subject(s): Architecture, Greek, Art, Greek 'Das griechische Heiligtum'

What is Greek art?

The significance of Greek art is that it meant the abandonment of mere colored drawing and the creation of the genuine artof painting.

What are the hallmarks of Greek art?

the three fundamental elements of greek art are the ionic,doric,and corinthian

Who is the greek goddess of art?

The greek goddess of art was Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology) Hope it helped :)

What were goals of greek art?

the goal of Greek art was to present images of perfection in a balanced and orderly way.