What is 'dict-' in English?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Having to do with saying or with what is said is the English equivalent of 'dict-'. The Latin syllable is the stem for the past participle 'dictus'. The participle is to the verb 'dicere', which means 'to say'.

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Q: What is 'dict-' in English?
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Is dict an English or latin suffix?


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What does the suffix dict mean?

-dict: to speak--- basically to talk

What is the prefix dict mean?

Dict is actually a root word. This root word means to say.

What is the root word to predictable?

pre-dict-able "dict" is the root (from the Latin "dictum")

What does Japanese word Ato mean in English?

Ato translates to Edict. Here is a Japanese-English translator:

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Ciclo menstrual is a Portuguese phase, it translates to menstrual cycle in English. You can find more translations from the following sources: Spanish Dict, Google Translate.

What is the definition of dict as a root word?

The root word dict means speak or say. Dict is in words such as predict, dictate, and diction.

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-or is the suffix of dictator. This suffix shows a specific person.