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"Festplattenlaufwerk" is a German equivalent of "hard disk drive" of computers.

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Q: What is 'hard disk drive' in German?
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What does 'HDD' stand for?

Hard Disk Drive.

What is the other name for hard disk in architecture?

It is also known as Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Or Hard Disk Drive.

What is the German 'Festplattenlaufwerk' in English?

The "hard disk drive" of computers is an English equivalent of "Festplattenlaufwerk."

What is another word for hard drive?

a hard drive is called "disque dur" in French.

What is hard disk also known as?

* Hard disk drive * Hard drive * HDD

How is a hard drive different from a hard disk?

a hard drive is built into the computer whereas a hard disk is seperate

The main storage device on your computer is the?

Hard disk drive.

What is a name unit of storage?

Hard Drive Disk (HDD)

What is 'hard disk drive' in Dutch?

"Harde schijf" is a Dutch equivalent of "hard disk drive."

Does a hard drive consists of platters?

The hard disk drive platter is used to store magnetic data or information that comes from the hard disk drive, where they are stored. The hard disk drive can contain one or more hard disk platter.

What is a portable hard drive?

A portable hard drive is both of the following:a hard disk drive that is small enough to carry (portable)a hard disk drive that is external to a computer

What is the difference between a parmanent hard disk drive and a removable hard disk drive?

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PERMANENT HARD DISK DRIVE AND A REMOVABLE HARD DISK DRIVE A permanent drive is in housed in the system while the removable one is externally fixed. Basically they perform the same functions.