What is 'know' in German?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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English: "to know" is German: "wissen" or "kennen".

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Q: What is 'know' in German?
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What is the German applesauce?

What is German applesauce?I don't know if I understand that one! If you want to know what applesauce is in German it is Apfelmus.

How old is German?

German as we know it came to being in 1534 with the publication of the German Bible.

How do you say do you know German in German?

sprichst du deutsch? is the answer

What is the phrase 'Oh I know' when translated from English to German?

Oh, I know! is Ach, ich weiß! in German.

What does irma mean in German?

i dont know to be truthfully honest but you can go to Germany or ask a german person to know

Does Justin Bieber know what German is?

Yes, he even speaks german.

How do you say i know German in German?

"I know German." would be best translated as "Ich kann Deutsch." (Note that this is not a literal translation. The literal translation would be "Ich weiß/kenne Deutsch", but that sentence wouldn't make any sense in German because the verb "to know" is used differently in German.)

How do you say 'I know' in German?

Ich kenne is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

Rubella is know as?

German Measles.

How do you you say you are a dog in German?

all i know is dog in German witch is hund

Do estonians speak German?

German is not the official language in Estonia, but some Estonians surely know how to speak German.

Why does the following sound wrong you know the French language but not the German one?

The question is writen incorrectly. It should read, "You know the French language, but you don't know German?"