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mors ante infamium

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Q: What is 'summo est opporutnitas' in English?
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What is est ta in English?

Est ta in English is Is your.

What is 'est' when translated from Latin to English?

The verb est in Latin is "is" in English.

English to Latin for it is what it is?

Est quid est.

What is the translation of Frenh word est to English?

Est in french means is in english.

How do you say someone is English in french?

Someone is English= quelqu'un est anglais / anglaise Davis is English = David est anglais Kate is English = Kate est anglaise

What has the author Louis Tronson written?

Louis Tronson has written: 'Forma cleri secundum exemplar quod Ecclesiae sanctisque patribus a Christo Domino Summo Sacerdote monstratum est' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What is 'est le' when translated from French to English?

Est le... in French means "Is the..." in English.

What does Le sang est mean in English?

Le sang est ... means "the blood is ..." in English.

What is 'Qui est' when translated from French to English?

Qui est...? in French is "Who is...?" in English.

Are there any Mexican summo wrestlers?

No. Sumo is not practiced in Mexico.

What does furta est an professio mean in English?

Est means is

What does comment est mean?

Comment est is translated "how is..." in English.