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solía haber

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Q: What is 'there used to be' in Spanish?
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Is the 2nd person used frequently in Spanish?

yes, it is used about as frequently in spanish as it is used in English

Why did Jose rizal used spanish language to write his novel?

i think its because his an spanish that's why he choose that he used spanish language in his novel and to understand them (spanish) what rizal's messege.

What is relinquish in Spanish?

The word "relinquish" is not used in Spanish. A synonym of "relinquish" is "resign", and that is used in Spanish. To say "resign," you'd say "renunciar."

How do you spell Kardashian in spanish?

The same word is used in Spanish.

What does sydney mean in spanish?

The same name can be used in Spanish.

How do you spell error in spanish?

The same name can be used in Spanish.

What does the word are mean in spanish?

Since "are" is not a Spanish word, I assume you mean "What is the Spanish word for 'are'?" Are in Spanish is either son or están. They are used in different ways, but a general rule is that son is used for things that are permanent, and están is used for things that are temporary.

Which two letters of the Spanish alphabet are only used for non-Spanish words?

The letters k and w are only used in non-Spanish words. They are still included in alphabetical order in Spanish.

What technologies did the spanish use?

the spanish used a compass,astrolabe and a rudder

What ships were used in the Spanish armada by the Spanish?

they where made of wood that was flammerble

How do you say wi-fi in Spanish?

The same word is used in Spanish.

How do you spell hyper in spanish?

When used as an adjective (which is about the only way that it could be used) hyper would be histérico in Spanish.