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Ad hoc temporem is the Latin equivalent of 'to this time'. In the word by word translation, the preposition 'ad' means 'to, towards'. The neuter demonstrative pronoun 'hoc', in the accusative singular of 'hoc' as the direct object of the verb, means 'this'. The neuter gender noun 'temporem', in the accusative singular of 'tempus', means 'time'.

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Q: What is 'to this time' in Latin?
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What is the latin root for be on time?

ANSWER Tempor is the Latin word for "punctual, on time", but we cannot consider it a root because "to be on time" is an expression without Latin roots.

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Yes it do I study Latin all the time

What is time in Latin?


Time in Latin?

Deus temporis

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What is the Latin word for time?

The Latin word for time is "tempus." Words like temporary and temporal are English derivatives of this word.Also:aevus is a masculine Latin noun meaning "passage of time"aevum is a neuter Latin noun meaning "passage of time"hora is a feminine Latin noun meaning "hour; time; season"tempastas is a feminine noun meaning "season, time; weather, or storm"

What does the latin word tempus mean?

The root words tempor and tempo both mean time in Latin.

What is latin for once more?

The Latin word iterum means "once more" or "for a second time".

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