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Diretor de Seguran

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Diretor de Segurança is a Portuguese equivalent of 'Chief Security Officer' [CSO].

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Q: What is 'Chief Security Officer' in Portuguese?
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What is the Portuguese equivalent of 'Chief Security Officer'?

Chefe oficial de segurança

Who is chief security officer of perdue farms?

There isn't a Chief security officer.

What kind of chief jobs are there?

There are lot of different types of "Chief" jobs out there. Some examples for such "Chief" jobs include "Chief Executive Officer", "Chief Technology Officer", "Chief Security Officer" or "Chief Financial Officer".

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The person responsible for the overall security of a company may have different titles, such as CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CSO (Chief Security Officer).

What is the full form of CSO?

Chief Security Officer.

Who is the highest ranking officer in a corporation?

The Chief Executive Officer, CEO is the highest ranking officer in a corporation. He is higher than the CFO (chief financial officer) and the COO (chief operations officer) and the CIO (chief information officer) and the CSO (chief security officer), who all report to him, and to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are not officers of the corporation, but they are the final decision makers for the business.

Who has the overall responsibility for information security?

I think this is best answered by the old aphorism that security is everyone's responsibility. In practice there is likely to be a member of the Board who has the overall accountability and this person may be termed a Senior Information Risk Owner. Alternatively it may be the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Finance Officer or the Chief Executive Officer who has this accountability. Such officers are usually advised by experts in security and these may fall under the overall management of a Chief Information Security Officer. For best practice, everyone in the organisation should be given an appropriate level of security awareness training.

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Chairman of the Board, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Business Officer, Chief Brand Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, and Chief Human Resources Officer are a few of the typical business titles that can be acquired.

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