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What is 'im good thank you' in portuguese?


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im good thank you, and you

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Eu sou bom ! ( character, skill)

Obrigado is the portuguese word for "thank you". There's no brazilian, there's only portuguese

Obrigado means "thank-you" in Portuguese.

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. 'No, thank you' in Portuguese is Não, Obrigado. Obrigado is used to express gratitude, basically it means thank you. 'Não' means 'No.'

Muito Obrigado (a) thank you very much

Obrigado, amigo or.. > obrigado, meu amigo. (Thank you friend and Thank you my friend. )

Obrigado, grato, agradecido. (All of them means "thank you")

lhe agradeça bonito: Which means-thank him/her beautiful

Obligado is Portuguese for 'thank you'

If you are Portuguese, Portugal is your home country.

Je me sens trés bien, merci.

poor a bottle of vodka on it. thank you ;0 im good at science

im not sure but if you look it up very good in Google or bing im sure they will have it thank you for reading =)

Obrigada. e uma boa semana = Thank you. have a good weekend. (woman) Obrigado. e uma boa semana = Thank you. have a good weekend. (man)

Hello?How are you?I am good.I hope you are good too.Anyways, back to your question and I will answer it for you.There are two types of Portuguese. But they are same translation in this case. One of them is European Portuguese, and the second one is Brazilian Portuguese. The translation for the word Welcome is ...boas-vindasThank you...I hope it helped you. If it did, please recommend me.Have a great day!2010 November 21 Sunday...By Panidentist...

Hola,como estas? Yo estoy bien,gracias. Soy Morgan

no thank you Im alrighthow to?: iunno, like stick your finger up there and have a good time!

Obrigado! (if you are a man) Obrigada! (if you are a woman)

Muito obrigado, sir dictionary.com

Thank you in Guinea-Bissau:Portuguese =ObrigadoGuinea-Bissau Creole = Obrigadu

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